Angels With Paws Dog Grooming  - A Clean Pup is a Happy, Healthy Pup!
"Angels With Paws owner/groomer, Leigh Turchen, is the BEST!!! I love how she gives her full attention to only one dog at a time and they don't have to be frightened or held in a crate for their turn to be groomed. Leigh really gives each pet such "personal" love and care, and always asks for each clients input on what they desire for their pet. Our sweet, soon to be 1 year old, Toy Poodle, Truffles, always comes out looking her very best and with cute bows on her ears! Truffles always smells good too! Leigh's prices are very affordable for everyone."
                                                                         Linda Fura
"What is so special about Leigh is that she grooms one dog at a time. She loves them and takes care of them and they come home happy as if they went to a play date. My boys love going to Leigh to get groomed now. She is very professional and does the cut you ask for! I recommend Angels with Paws to anyone who's dog isn't fond of the mass production at big dog grooming salons, and wants some TLC to go along with the grooming. Leigh is a keeper! Thanks"
                                                                           Sherri Maliszewski
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